Benefits of Hiring an In-Home Caregiver

4 Reasons to Seriously Consider Hiring an In-Home Caregiver

Aging in place, at home is becoming a more and more popular option as seniors age, and with good reason. Home is comfortable, familiar and close to the people and places they know and love. But intentional, intelligent aging in place requires planning and proactive decisions by the whole family. One of those decisions that may come sooner or later is whether or not to hire an in-home caregiver for your loved one. Before making that decision, it’s important to go through some reflection on the following questions:

  • Is your loved one experiencing physical daily living difficulties due to gross or fine motor declines? For example, are cooking, bathing, dressing or other daily activities getting difficult?
  • Is their mobility declining, making navigating the home more difficult and problematic? For example, are they having a hard time going up and down the stairs or doing laundry?
  • Are they struggling to maintain the level of cleanliness and organization they used to keep in the home? (Is there more clutter or dirt building up?)
  • Has their physical hygiene suffered in recent weeks or months?
  • Are they starting to have cognitive and memory difficulties that make it hard for them to remember appointments, paying bills or other important things?

If you’re starting to see these problems and are concerned with your senior loved one’s wellbeing and safety at home, hiring an in-home caregiver can resolve many of these issues and improve your loved one’s quality of life, bringing the following 4 essential benefits:

1. Improved Safety with One-on-One Help

An in-home caregiver can be there to help your loved one when you can’t and can help them navigate some of the increasing safety difficulties that can come with the aging process. They can help with light housework like laundry and meal preparation, reducing the likelihood of accidents and injuries. A one-on-one, in-home caregiver can also help make sure your loved one makes it to doctor’s appointments and is able to navigate stairs and other obstacles safely. You and your loved one can also decide on a customized level of day-to-day in-home caregiver help – from just a few hours a week to several hours a day, depending on your senior loved one’s individual needs.

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2. Lowering Stress Levels and Improving Mental Health

One of the hardest things about aging is loneliness combined with stress and fear about the future. This is a family-wide problem too. With work and crazy schedules, it can be hard to be there for your senior loved one as often as you’d like, which leads to increased worry and anxiety. Having an in-home caregiver can really help. Knowing that a trained, trusted caregiver is there to help minimize risks and keep your loved one company provides a measure of peace of mind. For your loved one, having a trusted caregiver in the home can provide social and intellectual stimulation that we know improves mental and emotional health for seniors, which is also tied to physical health. In addition to light housework, hygiene help and appointment help, in-home caregivers can also read books to your loved one, do crafts together, play board games and do other activities that keep your loved one socially engaged as well, lowering stress and helping everyone cope better.

3. Peace of Mind with a Trained Caregiver

Depending on your loved one’s level of need, you can select an in-home caregiver with special training, including skilled nursing care, who can be there to provide the level of assistance and care needed. Our caregivers have special training in supporting, assisting and improving the quality of life for seniors at all levels of the aging process, as well as those dealing with particularly hard challenges like Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, arthritis and more. Knowing that your loved one’s in-home caregiver has a professional, deep understanding of your loved one’s needs provides incredible peace of mind and improved safety and security for your loved one.

4. Makes Aging-in-Place Possible and Enjoyable

In the past, conditions like Alzheimer’s disease and other advanced age-related difficulties made it hard for seniors to stay at home for as long possible. Today, in-home caregivers can make it an easier, safer, more enjoyable option for your senior loved ones to stay at home as long as possible. The level of care can be highly customized so that your loved one gets just the right level of help and skill as he or she needs to remain as independent and live as high of a quality of life as possible during their senior years at home.

To learn more about your options for in-home caregivers, contact At Home Personal Care today: (703) 330-2323. Our skilled, compassionate team of caregivers can help you decide what level of home care your loved one needs and desires for the best possible quality of life at home. Our in-home caregivers serve families throughout Northern Virginia, including Prince William County, Fairfax County, Fredericksburg, Warrenton, Manassas, Arlington County, Stafford County, Eastern Loudoun County, Alexandria City, Orange County, Fauquier County and Spotsylvania County. So, if your family lives in these areas, we can help you with the best in-home caregiving team in Northern Virginia.


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