Physical Therapy Services for Seniors Helps Relieve these 5 Conditions

5 Conditions Senior Physical Therapy can Help

Illnesses, chronic conditions and injuries are uncomfortable and cause mobility difficulties for everyone; but seniors in particular have a hard time recovering range of motion and independence in these situations. In many cases, however, physical therapy services for seniors can help restore some range of motion so they can accomplish daily tasks with more independence and comfort. And now we can provide at home physical therapy services in Northern Virginia to make it even more convenient to get better.

In-home physical therapy can help seniors with many conditions, including these 5:

1. Arthritis

Joint pain from arthritis is very common for seniors, and it can really hinder their ability to do things they want to do. Still, one of the most important things for seniors with arthritis is to keep moving. Physical therapy at home can help. In addition to the exercises that help improve balance and flexibility, our at home physical therapy services also include techniques like heat and ice, electrostimulation and other ways to reduce inflammation and pain so movement is easier.

2. Injury Recovery

Trying to recover from a broken hip, broken knee or other injury? Call on At Home Personal Care’s in-home physical therapy team. We can tailor exercises especially to help you recover from your injury. These exercises improve strength and flexibility. We can also help with gait training—particularly useful for injuries that make walking difficult. Improving walking balance in your own home can help you move more comfortably and help prevent future injuries.

3. Osteoporosis

More than half of seniors experience loss of bone density that can increase the chances of broken bones and injuries. Physical therapy for seniors can help improve balance and stability while moving (gait training and movement training) so that injuries are less likely. Gentle strength training can also help improve core strength and posture, which can also improve stability.

4. Stroke Recovery

After a stroke, regaining movement in affected body hemispheres can be very difficult, and physical therapy is often recommended by the doctor. Our Manassas physical therapists can help stroke patients regain some movement using proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation techniques. These techniques, as well as others we use in physical therapy services for seniors in Manassas, can help retrain, recondition and stimulate areas of the brain damaged during a stroke, often leading to better outcomes and improved quality of life.

5. Parkinson’s Disease

Although there is currently no cure for Parkinson’s research shows that early intervention with physical therapy can slow the progression of the disease and help seniors with this condition stay stronger, more flexible and more stable. This helps them maintain independence for a longer period of time.

Seniors: Consider at Home Physical Therapy Services in Northern Virginia

These aren’t the only 5 conditions for which physical therapy can help seniors experience an improved quality of life. Seniors with conditions like diabetes, cancer, MS, Alzheimer’s and others can also experience improvements through regular in-home PT services. At Home Personal Care’s experienced physical therapists at our offices in Manassas, Warrenton, and Fredericksburg come to your home, help you in your surroundings, and can assist you in your rehabilitation, recovery and treatment. Call us today to discuss how physical therapy services for seniors might help you or your loved one: (703) 494-3989.

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