The Benefits of Home Health Care

Benefits of Home Health Care Over Residential Care

Accidents and illnesses are a part of life, and modern medical technology has revolutionized what’s possible in terms of helping people recover—including where they choose to reside during recovery. While a nursing home or recovery center can benefit some people, it isn’t always necessary and can be uncomfortable, inconvenient and stressful for the person under care, as well as their loved ones. At Home Personal Care provides highly-skilled, certified nursing care and a wide range of therapies in the home for eligible patients. Consider the following benefits of home health care if you or a loved one is in a difficult situation:

1. Home Health Care is More Comfortable

Home is almost always a more comfortable place to convalesce than a care facility. You know where everything is. You have your favorite blankets. You know how to work the DVR. Your favorite books, games and hobbies are there. You don’t have to ask a family member to pack a suitcase full of your things to bring them to the nursing home because it’s all there at home for you. You can look out into your yard at familiar surroundings. It’s home. It’s comfortable. Today, many types of health care can be administered in the home with skill, expertise and safety that rivals a hospital or residential care setting for many patients, with many different conditions.

2. Home Health Care Benefits Can Be Less Expensive

Residential care or hospitalization is far more expensive than receiving care in the home in most cases. It’s also covered by most forms of insurance as well as Medicare if it’s deemed medically necessary. Be sure to contact us at (703) 330-2323 and we can help you sort out the details. But most often, one of the biggest benefits of home health care is the lower cost than nursing home care.

3. More Personal Independence with Home Health Care

If you’re able to receive skilled home health care, physical therapy, speech and occupational therapy, etc. in your own home, you can still live the way you want, in your own space, as far as is possible under the circumstances. Receiving the care you need under your own roof empowers you to decide many of the things you’d ordinarily decide in your own space on a daily basis instead of relying on a residential care schedule. Independence is a major quality of life indicator that boosts mental health, which is essential for physical recovery as well.

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4. Home Health Care is More Customized

Our highly-skilled home healthcare professionals are trained to provide top-notch care in your home, the way you want and need it to be administered. We also work hard to match the professionals to the patients, in both skills and personalities. Working with nurses, dieticians, occupational and speech therapists and physical therapists who come to you personally and understand what you need in your home surroundings can significantly improve health outcomes and quality of life.

5. Home Health Care Improves Recovery Transitions

Transitioning back home after a stint in a nursing home during recovery for an illness or injury adds to the difficulty. You’ve learned how to get along in residential care during recovery. The stress was intense. Then you have to get used to navigating your own home again. If recovery begins and continues in the home setting with a highly-skilled home health care team, you remove that difficult piece from the recovery process and can just focus on recovery. For example, if you recently had knee replacement surgery, you’ll need nursing care for a short time, then physical therapy for a few months thereafter. Doing it at home helps you navigate your own surroundings better. If you are recovering from a serious illness, our nurses and dieticians can work together, to make sure you get the care you need in your home without the stress of packing and unpacking and readjusting to your surroundings.

Why You Might Need a Nursing Home 

All of these benefits notwithstanding, there are definitely some cases in which home care isn’t advisable and a nursing home is the right choice. For example:

  • Constant, Immediate Care Needs—For severe, acute illness or injury that requires 24/7 nursing care and immediate response, nursing home care is usually the right choice.

  • Medical Equipment Needs—If your condition requires expensive, bulky medical equipment to manage, it may not be logistically possible to move this into your home. A nursing home would be the right choice in this case too.

Get the Benefits of Home Health Care in Northern Virginia

When your illness, injury or surgical recovery path does not include either of those two situations, it’s entirely possible that home health care is the right choice for you. But as always, healthcare decisions are intensely personal. At Home Personal Care’s team of home health care professionals go the extra mile every day to ensure patients receive highly-skilled care from certified, compassionate nurses and therapists in their own homes for as long as needed. Talk with us today about your needs by calling (703) 330-2323.

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