Keeping Seniors Socially Active

Seniors Who Stay Social Stay Healthier:
5 Social Activities for Seniors

Social connections are more than just pleasant. They’re essential to good health. As we age, however, staying socially active comes with added challenges. When you retire, daily connections with friends and colleagues can fade. As family grows up and moves on, visits get fewer and farther between. Dear friends pass away. Loneliness can very easily set in, which, studies have shown, has a negative impact on overall mental health—and also physical health.

On the flip side, studies have also shown that seniors who stay socially active tend to have greater physical health and mobility, and tend to live longer, more fulfilling lives. The question is, how to surmount these social challenges as we age so we can stay socially engaged? Here are 5 possible activities that can help, but we have lots of other ideas, so call us to discuss your individual needs today: (703) 494-3989.

1. Take an Exercise Class

Talk with your doctor first about what types of exercise would be most beneficial in your situation, and then find a local class to join. Not only will you get to do something healthy to keep your body strong and limber, but you’ll get to interact with the teacher and your classmates, forming new social connections and helping each other stay physically active. Yoga, water aerobics and dancing are great choices for many seniors.

2. Take a Class You’ve Always Wanted to Take

Were you always too busy to take up acting, painting, photography, writing, sewing, pottery, carpentry, cooking… etc.? Now is a great time to sign up for some classes and learn those things. You’ll discover new talents, collaborate with classmates and instructors and find incredibly fulfilling ways to be creative, stretch your mind and contribute to the community.

3. Volunteer for Something You Care About

There are so many worthy causes out there that need the talents and experiences of seniors like you. If you start feeling lonely, find a volunteer organization that needs help and ask what you can do. Getting involved in a cause that you are passionate about keeps you mentally and emotionally engaged and creates new social connections within the community that are mutually beneficial.

4. Sign Up for Senior Field Trips

There are many museums, parks, shops and galleries that have senior citizen discounts and special programs on certain days. Call your local rec center or your At Home Personal Care senior care team. We have a lot of information on these resources and can help you find local senior outings and activities all around Northern Virginia that you can enjoy and where you can get to know other seniors with common interests.

5. Learn an Instrument or a Language

If you thought that learning a musical instrument or a foreign language was just for kids, think again. Not only are there numerous studies that show positive mental cognition affects for seniors who take up an instrument or a language, but these are activities that require social interaction as well. Join the local community choir or take that language class you always wanted to take; you’ll form new and wonderful bonds of friendship while exercising your brain and having fun.

If you’re feeling lonely and lost as a senior, there is hope for more engaging, meaningful, fun social interactions. You’re not alone, nor should you be alone. Try one of these activities, get involved with a cause, take a class and get out there and meet people. And if you’re struggling, don’t go it alone. Contact At Home Personal Care’s senior care team and let’s talk about how to find social activities that you will find fulfilling: (703) 494-3989.

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