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It can be hard when your parents, grandparents or other loved ones reach a point where they struggle with daily living tasks. They still want and actually need to have as much independence as they can, but you worry about what might happen to them when you can’t be there for them due to your own work and family responsibilities. That is why At Home Personal Care has a team of elderly companion care professionals who have been trained and thoroughly background checked who can be there to help and watch out for your loved one when you wish you could be, but can’t.

Trusted Companionship for Your Loved One

We all have loved ones who have been there, and you don’t want just anyone to come into your family member’s home. That is why At Home Personal care runs very thorough and stringent background checks and hires and trains only the most trustworthy companions. Our elderly companion care professionals love what they do and we work hard to match up your loved one with a companion they can truly feel comfortable with.

What is Included in Elderly Companion Care?

Our elderly companion care team can do many of the things you would do with and for your loved one. Here are some of the things we often help with:


We converse, chat with and listen to your loved one. We can discuss current events, books, movies, history, and anything that your family member finds interesting and enjoyable. We can also play games, watch movies, do family history and scrapbooking, read books and do crafts and hobbies together.

Respite Care

We can do all of the above with your loved one in order to give you time to regroup and refresh when care giving becomes stressful and you need a break so you can come back feeling rested and revived.  Read more about our respite care services.

Plan Outings

We can foster your family member’s sense of community and social life by helping them plan and enjoy visits with friends and neighbors, shopping trips, outings to cultural events, parks, the theater, etc.

Help with Appointments

We can help arrange and provide transportation to various appointments and keep track of them on the calendar, providing helpful reminders as well.

Monitor and Encourage Good Nutrition

We can help plan your loved one’s grocery shopping list, clip coupons to help save money, keep the food in the kitchen rotated by expiration date, plan and prepare meals and help keep special recipes organized. We can also provide medication reminders as well!

Light Housekeeping

We can help with meal preparation, watering plants, feeding a pet, folding a little laundry, etc.

Help with Correspondence

We can pick up and organize the mail and make sure bills, forms and letters are mailed punctually.

Supervision of Home Maintenance Appointments

We can be there to oversee any repair or maintenance appointments, answer the door and arrange for home deliveries.

Everyone needs a companion to help them in life, and that is doubly true as our loved ones age. We know you would be there all the time if you could, but for most people, that just isn’t possible. But you can ensure that your loved one is not alone when he or she needs help!

At Home Personal Care’s elderly companion care is there for you and your family when you need us most. Contact us today at (703) 330-2323 to discuss your family’s needs.

Let Us Take Care of Your Family

Our company is Medicare, Medicaid Certified and CHAPS Accredited.


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