What We Do as a Manassas Home Health Care Agency

At Home Personal Care is a team of compassionate, highly-skilled home health professionals committed to providing the best quality care to anyone needing in-home care services. Our Manassas home health care agency provides only certified home healthcare staff for our clients so that every one of our families gets the best standard of care available every single day. We are licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia and are CHAP accredited. We have a very diverse team also, and this is one of our strengths. Each of us, with our different skills and expertise, makes it easier for your family to find a home health care team that best fits the needs of your loved one.

While many home health care agencies provide similar services, the level of compassion and skill you receive with our At Home Personal Care team is unrivaled! Call and talk with us today if you have a loved one who needs any of the following services:

  • Skilled registered nursing care—After being released from the hospital after an accident or serious illness, many people still need skilled nursing care to make a full recovery. Our Manassas home health care agency has a great team of skilled, registered nurses provide this exceptional care in your home so that you can recover in more comfort, in your own surroundings and with your own family.
  • Skilled Senior Home Care—Our senior care experts are there for your aging loved ones, ready to help them in the home and support them with skilled nursing care and companionship.
  • Services for Children with Special Needs—Families with special needs children often face an uphill battle finding help and services their children need to reach their full potential, but many home health care agencies in Manassas do not provide these services. At Home Personal Care, however, has a special pediatric services team that can provide therapy, training and support for these children and their families.
  • Physical Therapy—This is often an important aspect of making a full recovery from an accident or injury. Our certified physical therapists personally assist patients in the home as they work on exercises, stretches and ergonomics around the home so that they rebuild strength, range of motion and strategize ways to avoid future injury. (read more about our physical therapy services)
  • Occupational Therapy—Full rehabilitation from an illness or accident often requires help practicing and regaining various life skills. Our occupational therapists are great at helping people regain more independence and self-sufficiency through their training.
  • 24-hour/Live-in Home Care—Some of our patients require help around the clock, but cannot afford or do not want to go into facility care. To help our patients maintain as much comfort, independence and connection with their lives as possible, our skilled nursing professionals can provide this care 24-hours a day, all right in their own homes.
  • Companion Services—Mental and emotional health is an important part of keeping people physically healthy as well as happy. So our Manassas home health care agency provides fun and uplifting companion services team can spend time with your loved one when you are unable to. We can play games together, read books and discuss movies and shows, participate in crafts, puzzles and other activities your loved one finds enjoyable.
  • Hourly Services—Hourly services can provide skilled or non-skilled care for a few hours a day or every few days depending on your family’s needs. Our team can help with basic care activities, nursing care, medications, etc.
  • Personal and Respite Care—Family members who provide most of the care for their loved ones need time for themselves so they remain healthy and happy. We can be there to relieve these family members when they need to take a mental health day or have other obligations that conflict with their regular care schedule.
  • Housekeeping—Most Manassas home health care agencies only do very light housekeeping, if any. Our team does have a great housekeeping team, however.

At Home Personal Care is ready to help your family. Call us at (703) 330-2323 anytime to talk with one of our home healthcare professionals about your needs. And if you are interested in joining our team, please fill out the employment application and check our training schedule.

Let Us Take Care o​f Your Family

Our company is Medicare, Medicaid Certified and CHAPS Accredited.


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