At Home Health Care Services in Fredericksburg, VA

As the American population skews older the need for home health services is becoming more apparent. It is estimated that about 8 million people receive in-home care services that foster independent living. At Home Personal Care’s Fredericksburg services help adults, seniors and children with special needs so that they can remain in the comfort of their home.

Clients may need in-home care due to a variety of circumstances and needs. But the bottom line is At Home Personal Care’s team of caring professionals provide affordable, customized solutions that seniors and their families can depends on in Fredericksburg:

Care Management

If you’re looking for elderly care in Fredericksburg, case management may be your answer. A case worker takes inventory of the person’s physical and mental capabilities. These factors ultimately determine the nature and scope of care.

Care for Alzheimer/Dementia

Individuals facing degenerative diseases like dementia require more advanced care services. In this case, trained professionals are called in to mitigate risk. Beyond assisting with daily activities, caregivers can provide a sense of consistency and comfort.


It is common for the elderly to experience depression due in large part to social isolation. Younger people are often too preoccupied to pay their grandparent or relative a visit. That’s where a Fredericksburg-based service comes into play. Trained professionals come into the home regularly to interact with the loved one and chase the blues away.

Live In/24 hr Care

A trained professional will come into your loved one’s home to tend to their physical and emotional needs on a round-the-clock basis. This can either be on a live-in or 24-hour care basis. The situation can be temporary or permanent.

Personal and Respite Care

A professional home health worker will come in to the client’s home to handle tasks, ranging from a few hours to a few days in length. These short-term breaks can help the full-time caregiver recharged.

Hourly Services

Similar to live-in or 24-hour care, a home health worker is tasked with caring for the client’s well being. Services are provided on an hourly basis, as opposed to round-the-clock care.

MR/ID/DD waiver services

A waiver program can help cover the costs of services for mentally retarded(MR), intellectual disabled(ID) AND developmentally disabled(DD) persons. Standard services include but are not limited to: case management, home health aide, personal care, adult day health services, habilitation (both day and residential), and respite care.

Private Duty Nursing

Private duty nursing is one way to ensure you loved one receives the support they need to live a full life. Trained professionals provide such hands-on services like bathing, preparing meals and feeding, and escorting the client to appointments.


Housekeeping services provide peace of mind that your loved one’s home is staying in order. Our professionals come in the home to assist with tasks like meal preparation, running errands, laundry, setting appointments and other everyday activities.


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