How to Find Best Home Health Care Service for Your Family

If you or one of your loved ones needs in home health care services, it can be a difficult task to make sure you are selecting the best home health care agency for your family’s needs, especially since they are doing such an important job (taking care of your loved one) in such a precious space (your home). The following checklist will hopefully make it a little easier for you as you interview various in home care services so that you can find the best fit for your family:

1. Licensing and Accreditation

Any at home health care agency coming into your home to take care of your family member should be officially licensed by the Commonwealth of Virginia so that you know the agency meets certain standards of expertise and care. Some Virginia in home health care agencies have taken the extra step of becoming CHAP accredited, certifying that they meet the highest safety, care and management standards in the nation. Also, make sure any in home care services you choose are Medicare certified. If any of these are lacking, it should send up a red flag.

2. Employee Screening

What kind of background checks have been performed on the employees? Ask for references, doctor lists, hospital discharge planners and former clients. The best home health care agencies in Virginia are able to provide these references and answer these questions up front.

3. Employee Training

Does the at home health care agency you are interviewing provide continuing training for its employees? How does the agency ensure that its employees are qualified and able to do their jobs? Are they fully certified or licensed in their respective fields? It is very important to check all references and certificates!

4. Personality Match

In home care services are very personal and finding a good match between your family member and caregiver is essential to having a good, nurturing experience. Does the agency give you the opportunity to interview and select the staff members that will be coming into your home to care for your loved one? What process is in place to replace one caregiver with another if he or she is not working out well with your family?

5. Follow Your Instincts

Naturally, you must follow all of the above steps to ensure that the in home health care service you select meets or exceeds established professional and governmental standards. After you have done that with a few agencies, follow your instincts and observations of the people you interview. Do they seem friendly, personal and genuine in their desire to provide care? Are they helpful and responsive to your loved one’s needs?

Selecting the best home health care agency for your family takes time and homework. But At Home Personal Care can help. Not only are we licensed here in Virginia, but we maintain CHAP accreditation and constantly provide ongoing training to ensure our in home health care team is the cream of the crop.

To learn more about our team and to ask us any of these questions, contact At Home Personal Care today: (703) 330-2323.


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