Benefits of Physical Therapy Services for Seniors

5 Ways Physical Therapy Services for Seniors Can Improve Diabetes Care

Every year, more and more seniors are diagnosed with diabetes, often after struggling with the symptoms for some time already. Diabetes prevents the body from either producing the necessary amount of insulin to break down sugars in the body, or it prevents the body from using insulin effectively in the first place. This can cause a significant amount of damage, pain and a reduction in physical activity. With a doctor’s recommendation, however, physical therapy services for seniors with diabetes can help improve quality of life in several ways, including these five:

1. Accurately Assess the Physical Impacts of Diabetes

Before starting a course of physical therapy to help improve life with diabetes, your physical therapist will compare your doctor’s records with your current physical condition. Testing your skin condition, flexibility, mobility, balance, strength and coordination to get a clear picture of potential physical therapy activities that can improve all of those areas. Your physical therapist can use these test results to design a personalized course of at home physical therapy services that can address your specific needs.

2. Mobility Exercises  

Nerves, joints and muscles are susceptible to the damage caused by diabetes, which can impact your ability to get around easily. Our physical therapy services in Northern Virginia can assesses where you have the most difficulty and will work with you through a course of targeted stretches and exercises designed to improve nervous system communication with those areas, strengthen muscles and improve joint mobility so that you can get around more easily.

3. Cardiovascular Exercises

Seniors with diabetes often have related cardiovascular problems. It is important for your doctor to work with your physical therapist to create a plan that takes your personal cardiovascular condition into account. On your doctor’s recommendations, our at-home physical therapy services team can develop a program that gradually increases cardiovascular activity in order to improve your fitness and overall health. This can help your body with blood sugar regulation as well.

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4. Resistance Exercises

Resistance exercises are important for patients with diabetes in a number of ways. Muscles doing resistance exercises respond to insulin much faster than resting muscles. This helps the body absorb and use blood sugars more efficiently. Resistance exercises also improve strength and balance and can protect you from injury over the long haul. Your Manassas in-home physical therapists personalize resistance exercises that you can do at home to reap these benefits.

5. Diabetic Neuropathy

Elevated, dysregulated levels of blood sugar cause nerve and blood vessel damage, which can cause numbness and tingling in the extremities, particularly the feet. One of the major problems for many diabetic seniors is that a skin or other injury on the foot may, therefore, go unnoticed and untreated, causing extra complications. Your physical therapist can regularly evaluate your extremities to assess damage and make sure that you get prompt, appropriate treatment for any injuries or skin problems.

Physical Therapy Services in Manassas Helps Seniors with Diabetes

Seniors with diabetes need a comprehensive care plan that helps manage and improve all areas of their lives, from nutrition and medication management to physical therapy and other therapies designed to make life easier and healthier. At Home Personal Care is uniquely able to provide at home physical therapy services that come to you, at your home, to work with you in improving your flexibility, mobility, strength and overall health. Let’s talk today about how our physical therapy team can help improve your quality of life with diabetes: (703) 494-3989.

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