5 Activities to Expect During at Home Physical Therapy Services in Manassas

Physical Therapy Services and Activities for Seniors

Physical therapy is a great way to improve your mobility, strength, balance and physical function as you age, recover from an injury, recuperate after surgery, or manage the effects of a chronic condition. At Home Personal care provides at-home physical therapy services in Northern Virginia to seniors. Yet, many seniors and their families aren’t always sure about what’s involved with an in-home physical therapy regimen. It’s important to understand that depending on your needs, your physical therapy sessions will be tailored directly to your goals, and may look quite different from a friend’s physical therapy regimen. 

Generally speaking, here are some of the activities you might expect during in-home physical therapy sessions:

1. Manual Therapy Techniques

Physical therapy services for seniors involve modified manual therapy techniques that help improve balance, strength, flexibility and mobility. Some of these manual therapies include targeted massage to relieve musculoskeletal tensions, improve circulation and reduce inflammation. Mobilization involves slow twisting and pulling movements to help loosen joints. Other manipulations help align bones and joints so they move more easily.

2. RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation

Shortly after an injury, and sometimes in treatment of chronic painful conditions, your in-home physical therapist may guide you through brief (15 to 20-minute long sessions) involving an ice massage applied to a specific area. Rest, compression and elevation often accompanies this technique in order to reduce inflammation and swelling, and to relieve pain. This is a frequent PT technique used for seniors struggling with arthritis.

3. Heat Therapy

Sometimes used in combination with, or in isolation from “RICE”, heat therapy can also relieve musculoskeletal tensions and encourage better circulation to certain areas. This helps loosen up joints and can help improve movement after a long immobilization (such as after an injury or surgery). Your physical therapist may also apply heat to certain muscles to prepare them for exercises and stretches.

4. Strength and Balance Training

Your at home physical therapist will assess your needs based on your doctor’s recommendations and will probably train you in specific resistance and strength-building exercises that can help you strengthen your core and improve your strength and muscle control after an injury. It’s important to learn from your physical therapist how to correctly perform each exercise so that you get the most benefit from the exercise while also avoiding further injury.

5. Other Physiotherapy Techniques

Depending on your condition and goals, our physical therapy services for seniors team may also recommend unique therapies including electrostimulation, ultrasound or cold laser therapy. These specialized therapies can help speed healing and reduce pain for a host of conditions.

Physical Therapy Services for Seniors in Northern Virginia

During each in-home PT session, your physical therapist will spend the time necessary to educate you and help you fully understand your treatment program. Your physical therapist can also help you assess hazards in your home to help you make it a safer, easier place to get around in. Again, your individual physical therapy treatment plan may look different from your friend’s plan, and that’s fine. Your at-home physical therapy services team from At Home Personal Care will tailor your plan directly to your unique needs. Schedule a consultation today by calling us at (703) 494-3989.

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