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Medical Social Services with Trained and Experienced Medical Social Workers

Sometimes people mistakenly assume that the hardest thing about an illness or injury that drastically inhibits our ability to function is only the physical and medical problem itself. But truly, adapting to such a drastic change and recovering from it and reintegrating into the “new normal” afterward can cause enormous psychological and social upheaval in a person’s life and in the lives of their loved ones too. And one of the most frightening parts of the recovery process can be the transition between hospital care and home care. So many questions and fears come up that it can seem overwhelming. This is where At Home Personal Care’s medical social services team can lighten the load and make the process doable.

The Goals of Medical Social Services

Our medical social workers are especially trained to help you navigate the following challenges:

  1. We are there to listen and provide support as counselors, providing emotional and psychological support as you and your family deal with the difficulties that come after an accident, illness or injury that significantly changes your life. These changes come to everyone, but they are never easy to deal with. Let us be there to support you through it.
  2. We can connect you with important resources in the community that you may not be aware of as you go through your recovery process. This is especially important after leaving hospital or institutionalized care and going back home when you still need significant home care resources. Medical social services provide that critical link you need to get other resources involved for the best recovery outcome.
  3. We work together with you to help you or your loved one recover and reintegrate into society as smoothly as possible. Our psychosocial counseling experience and connections in the community are invaluable, particularly for those who have experienced a very traumatic situation or illness.
  4. We advocate for your health, safety and mental and emotional well being, and that of your family.
  5. We provide education for family members and those of other disciplines working with you or your loved ones in order to create smoother transitions and better physical and emotional health outcomes.
  6. Medical social workers can help you navigate the often confusing systems of care that intertwine during these difficult times. We can help you with applications and forms, resources for financial aid assistance and help you make family and patient care plans that simplify your life.

Medical social services can be especially beneficial for patients coming out of the hospital and into home care for recovery, or for patients entering into hospice—we are there for you and your family. When problems, fears and barriers arise on your individual path, and you are not sure how to handle them, our medical social services team is ready to help. We listen to you and your needs first and foremost and work to tailor plans and solutions that you can feel comfortable with as you go through these changes.

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